Xuanwu Yue



Xuanwu Yue (岳轩武) is currently a Senior Data Analytics at Nanjing AI Institute of Sinovation Ventures. He is also with Baiont Technology, which is a pioneer AI hedge fund mainly targeting Chinese markets. His primary research lies in visual analytics of financial data with particular focuses on quantitative trading, market analysis and high-frequency trading. Prior to joining Sinovation Ventures, Xuanwu completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) under the supervision of Prof. Huamin Qu in HKUST VisLab(2016.09 - 2020.06). He obtained his B.Eng. degree from Software School, Shandong University in June 2016. During his undergraduate studies, he was also a research assistant at The Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) supervised by Prof. Baoquan Chen and Prof. Yunhai Wang.

Research & Work Experience

Senior Data Analyst

Sinovation Ventures | 2019.07 - Present

Conducting research on visual analytics of quantitative trading and market analysis.

Software Developer

NetLab, Qihoo 360 | 2015.12 - 2016.03

Developed visual analysis system towards enormous security NetFlow data and WHOIS information.

Intern Student

The University of Hong Kong | 2015.07 - 2015.09

Series of research about the combination of dimensionality reduction algorithms with visual patterns.

Intern Student

VisLab, Peking University | 2015.01 - 2015.03

Proceed complements and research analysis correlated to the spatial and temporal data.

Research Assistant

IRC, Shandong University | 2014.08 - 2015.10

Conducted a series of research on visualization of multidimensional data.

Research Assistant

HPC Lab, Shandong University | 2014.08 - 2015.10

High performance computing related research in MIC and SCIF projects.

Publications & Projects

iQUANT: Interactive Quantitative Investment Using Sparse Regression Factors


CGF | Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, 2021.

Authors: Xuanwu Yue, Qiao Gu, Deyun Wang, Huamin Qu, Yong Wang.

sPortfolio: Stratified Visual Analysis of Stock Portfolios


TVCG | IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020.

Authors: Xuanwu Yue, Jiaxin Bai, Qinhan Liu, Yiyang Tang, Abishek Puri, Ke Li, Huamin Qu.

ViSeq: Visual Analytics of Learning Sequence in Massive Open Online Courses


TVCG | IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020.

Authors: Qing Chen, Xuanwu Yue, Xavier Plantaz, Yuanzhe Chen, Conglei Shi, Ting-Chuen Pong, Huamin Qu.

BitExTract: Interactive Visualization for Extracting Bitcoin Exchange Intelligence


TVCG | IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019.

Authors: Xuanwu Yue, Xinhuan Shu, Xinyu Zhu, Xinnan Du, Zheqing Yu, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Siyuan Liu.

PreserVis, a Visual Analytic System for Traffic and Pollution Patterns


VIS | Proceedings of IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2017.

Authors: Lian Chen, Giao Gu, Haotian Li, Chengzhong Liu, Huamin Qu, Hang Yin, Xuanwu Yue.


Community Involvement:

  • Member: IEEE, ACM, CCF, CSIG
  • PC Member: International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)
  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications(CG&A)
  • Conference Reviewer: ACM CHI, IEEE VIS, IEEE EuroVis, IEEE PacificVis, ChinaVis
  • Student Volunteer: IEEE VIS, SIGGRAPH Asia

Selected Talks:

  • 2020.10 · Invited talk, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, Hangzhou, China
  • 2020.10 · Invited Special Topic Talk, ChinaVis 2020 Conference, Xian, China
  • 2019.10 · Oral Presentation, IEEE VIS 2019 Conference, Vancouver, Canada
  • 2018.10 · Oral Presentation, IEEE VIS 2018 Conference, Berlin, Germany
  • 2018.04 · Invited talk, AI Group, WeBank, Shenzhen, China


  • 2018 · Winning Prize. National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2018 · Elite Team. 2018 Hong Kong B4B Challenge
  • 2018 · Elite Team. 2018 Hong Kong Cyberport University Partnership Programme
  • 2018 · Elite Team. 2018 Hong Kong Cyberport Creative Micro Fund
  • 2016 · Outstanding Graduate of Shandong Province and Shandong University
  • 2015 · First Class. National Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2015 · Dean Scholarship of Software College, Shandong University
  • 2014 · Bronze Medal. ACM-ICPC Invitational Contest, Beijing & Shanghai
  • 2014 · National Scholarship
  • 2014 · Silver Medal. The Fifth Provincial ACM-ICPC Programming Contest
  • 2014 · Second Prize in Province, National Mathematical Modeling Contest
  • 2014 · Second Class. The Third Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Competition

Teaching Experience: